Lift - sub-segment recall for TM

The video below provides an introduction to Lift and an explanation of sub-segment recall. The whole video is about six minutes long, but if you're in a hurry, you can just watch the last two minutes, then go back to the beginning if you want to know more. (Use the pause button if you need more time to read the captions.)

Many CAT tools have features aiming to provide sub-segment recall, but they fall very short of what might be desired. Some require a large TM before sub-segment recall can be used; some will fail to recall fragments found only once in the TM; some will recall certain fragments, but not others; some recall fragment translations but without their original context; and so on.

This video shows how Lift's sub-segment recall implementation has none of these weaknesses. If you'd like to reproduce the example shown with another CAT tool, to compare the results, you can set up the conditions shown in the video for translating the second document by creating a new TM and importing the TMX file inside this zip file, then using that TM only while translating this Word document.

(If you have any problem watching the video via this YouTube link, you can download the video file instead.)

Lift was principally developed within the Languages, Translation and Communication department of Swansea University for use with English, German, French, Spanish and Welsh, with support for further languages to follow. It originates from research conducted at the University of Bristol, for which particular thanks are owed to Adrienne Mason and Ksenia Shalonova. Lift has now been acquired by SDL, for use within their products.

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